Newsletter may 2016

Newsletter 6

Oosterbeek, May 2016

Cardiac aftercare and training

In April this year, I went through Kenya for two weeks aftercare of operated and research of new patients.
In this period there was also an operation program planned for 10 children and young adults.
I enjoyed how Abdi, our Kenyan staff, had everything perfectly organized.
We organized clinic in three locations across Kenya, so patients have to travel less to take control.
The result is that more patients come for post operative follow up.
Most africans live with the day and find it difficult to think ahead.
To take medication faithfully such as blood thinners, which is very important, is often a problem.
After arriving in Nairobi, we drove the next day to Meru, where we started out the clinic last year.
Now we had a better location in the small Milimani Hospital, where we were warmly welcomed and could use the out patient fascilities for free.
We have since monitored 26 patients and also made arrangements for a return visit.
There is a woman with a new heart valve, Stella Wangari, who feels responsible for other patients. She manages a group around Meru, using whats app, bringing others along to the clinic and encourages patients with an artificial valve for regular monitoring of blood thinners.
Abdi and Stella have regular contact with questions or problems.
It is nice to see that Kenyans take over responsibilities and I am less necessary.
After a few days in Meru, we traveled to Ndugu Zangu, our base camp with hospital and out patientclinic fascilities.
Here, John, the new manager, doctor Ann, the clinical officer and the sisters Catherine and Ann are a good team and compared with 1 year ago, there is a positive and good atmosphere.
The staff would very much like to learn more about cardiology and there are many opportunities for me to share knowledge and experience.
It was a pleasure to see how Abdi has developed in making echoes.
He performed many echoes independently under my supervision
In Oldinyro (Ndugu Zangu) there were many patients, both new and known. It is hard to experience that the operation capacity falls short and there were a number of people we can not help.
It remains difficult to deal with.

Surgery program
At the end of april, 10 patients had surgery, the majority with a good result.
Meanwhile there is a good and trusted cooperation with the staff in the Kenyatta Hospital, where the pediatric cardiologist Dr. Maina plays an important role.
The Italian surgeons doctor Federica and professor Di Zumma were performing the operations again.
This time there was also an Italian intensivist doctor Paolo, who was responsible for the post-operative care.
Gradually, the surgery program is done by the Italians and I focus especially on the outpatient care and the training of Kenyans.
The plan is to organize another operation program at the end of this year.
Finally, I would like to thank all who are supporting our work for their contribution.
Without your help, the Foundation “Heart for a Children’s Heart” has no right to exist.
I wish you all a beautiful summer.

With warm regards, also on behalf of the Board,

Pieter Stolwijk