Newsletter august 2013

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Oosterbeek, 5 august 2013

Oosterbeek, 5 August 2013

After the establishment on March 6, 2013 Summer is a Pediatric Heart for a period of many warm responses and bring together a wonderful start up capital.
All people who have contributed to this, we would like to thank.

A few examples, we would like to mention:
– The contribution of the ZWO commission of the PKN church in Driebergen, which our project
chose the small scale of failure and direct care for children.
– A Rotary friend who was serious heart patient and his death all chose instead
flowers to make a contribution to our project.
– Rotary Club Oosterbeek with a great sponsor activity during the
Loop moraine ensured that at least 10 children are operated on.

Heartening to see how excited people are working for us and an encouragement to achieve optimal results.

future plans:
As it seems to be operated a first group of children in October 2013
the Kenyatta Hospital in Nairobi.
Until now, this happened in Italy and Khartoum in Sudan, but we’ll try to do in Kenya itself, in close collaboration with Kenyan specialists.
This also fits much better in our vision to initiatives to embed as much as possible in local structures.
The cardiac surgeons are Italians, who operate free of charge under the leadership of Prof. Di Summa.
I will also be for postoperative follow-up and see how the organization runs.
The plan is to have a second group of children in the spring of 2014 to operate,
which Hart for a Pediatric takes responsibility.
We look forward to really start in October.

Thank you again for your support and interest.

Pieter Stolwijk