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Our project is situated in Oldonyiro

Oldonyiro, a hamlet in the county of Samburu, is located in central Kenya. This is the place where the pre and postoperative care for the children takes place.
Since 2000 about 170 children have been treated.
Initially they went to Italy and Sudan for surgery, but since 2013 more than 50 children were operated on in the Kenyatta Hospital in Nairobi.

How about that?

In Kenya a child with a heart condition has no future.

Congenital heart defects and especially valvular disease by rheumatic fever as a result of poor sanitary conditions, are common in Kenya.
There is no insurance against the costs of treatment and almost all parents are quite unable to pay these costs.
Without your help, these children will eventually die.

Congenital heart defects

A congenital heart defect is an abnormality caused by something going wrong in the development of the heart.
Here is a picture showing a hole in the septum between the right and left chambers of the heart. If it is large and left unrepaired it will result in disability of the child.
Many other disorders can be remedied by rather simple treatment giving the kids normal life expectancy.

In the picture you see a hole in the septum between the right and left heart chamber.

Heart valve disorders

Mitral stenosis

I An inflammation of the heart by rheumatic fever might, in time, cause valves to stick together and become constricted or leak. It will lead to breathlessness of the child.
It is often possible to split the valve or repair it. If, however, it is too badly damaged it must be replaced by an artificial valve.

The picture shows a contracted mitral valve at the entry of the left atrium and the left ventricle.

Ndugu Zangu

A local partner is essential

Heart for a child’s Heart works together with Ndugu Zangu; “We are brothers”. This local non-profit organization has been active since 1997.
In addition to managing a children’s home, an elementary school, a water project and a small hospital, this organization is dedicated to the care of children and young adults with a heart disorder.
Cooperation with local parties is essential to Heart for a child’s Heart.

In this respect we focus on the following criteria:
• Delivering a structural contribution
• Aimed at children with a heart problem
• Organized by Kenyans
• Not susceptible to corruption
• Low overhead costs

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